Genetic Family Trees

    So far most of our members with known British ancestry have had closely matching DNA results showing that they are from the same genetic family. By analysing the results they have been shown to be from two distinct branches as shown in the table below.

First English Steggall Family, about 1250 
Common Male Ancestor born about 1550
(21 Steggall families found in the Suffolk Hearth Tax Records 1664) 
 Common  Ancestor, b about 1700
 Descendants of
  Martin Steggle, b about 1742*
  Robert Steggal, c 1721,
of Bacton
 William Steggles
b Cotton 1749
  William Steggle,
St Giles 1772
 Michael Steggle,
Marylebone 1784
 Thomas (Striggles)
c 1787, of Wisbech
 Zechariah Steggles,
Rickinghall Sup. 1780
   Thomas Steggle,
St Martins 1811
 John Stagles
Wisbech 1818
 George Steggles,
Bury St Ed. 1819
  Cornelius Steggle,
St Martins 1808
 William J Steggle,
St Pancras 1836
 Frederick Stagles,
Wisbech 1853
 William C Steggles,
Garboldisham c 1843
  Cornelius Steggle,
Fulham 1838
 William H Steggle,
Holborn 1867
 John H Stagles,
Hackney 1886
 Edward J Steggles,
H. Hempstead 1885
  Henry Steggle,
Lambeth 1875
 Wallace H Steggle,
Marylebone 1888
 Father Father  Father Father
 Tom Stagles
 Ray Steggles
  Terry Steggle
 Rob Steggle

The DNA results for Rob and Terry Steggle were reported in July 2007. On December 11, 2007 we were informed that written records had been found showing that Martin Steggle was the father of  Michael Steggle was also the father of William Steggles.

All 4 of our American members tested have matching DNA results and share the same Genetic Family Tree shown below.

1560s, First European Colonies, Spanish in Florida
1607, Jamestown Virginia Colony, British
1620, The Mayflower
Common Ancestor
   William Steggall*
(Steddall, b 1609)
 William Steddall b
Bearsted Kent, 1609

 Samuel Steagall
b, about 1645
    George Steagall
b, about 1710
    George Steagall Jr
b, about 1733
   Moses Sttegall*
b 1660
 Aaron Steagall
b, about 1754
   George Steagall*,
b 1710
 Allen S Steagall
b, about 1775
  Moses Stegall, b ?
about 1735
 Samuel Jr, b 1731*

 Henry Forrest
b, 1846
 Henry Farrar Stegall,
Franklin Nc. 1821
North Carolina, 1776
 Randolph Stegall,
Virginia, about 1765
 Thomas Washington
b, 1846
 Robert Stell, Gonzales
Texas 1858
 Thomas B, Anson
 County, Nc.1816
Virginia 1793
 Joseph William
b, 1873
 Orlando Stell, Jacutinga
Minas Gerais, Brazil 1889
 Green Deberry,
Anson County, Nc.1861
 Richard Allison,
Tennesse, 1848
 Walter Washington
b, 1898
 Father Father Father Father
 Robert W Steagall
 Joel R Stegall
 Witney Stegall
 William F Steagall

* Note, these ancestors of Witney Stegall have been suggested but not proven.
Added, January 28th 2008.
Feb 17th, we now have matching DNA results from a fifth American Stegall who also traces his lineage back to William Steggall.